Free and Easy Taiwan Trip- Planning

Went to a 2 weeks trip to Taiwan with my BFF :)

Airaisa is definitely a good choice for cheap flight but it's not comfortable, especially for a long flight (4 hours to Taiwan from Malaysia)

Our Plan:
1. Kaohsiung 高雄
2. Tainan 台南
3. TaiChung 台中
4. Taipei 台北

We didn't go according to the plan. We went back to TaiChung from Taipei for a BBQ with our friend's family to celebrate Mid-autumn  festival. I like to spend time with local people and experience the culture :)

Trips to visit Taiwan:
1. Bring an umbrella or a raincoat with you always. 
2. Bring enough money for your trip. You can't find the currency exchange everywhere but you can do it in any bank.
3. Get yourself an transportation prepaid card (悠游卡), you not only can use for transportation but also in some stores likes 7-eleven, family mart etc. 
4. The people there are very friendly, don't feel shy to talk (ask for direction etc.) !
5. Be careful of the traffic when you walking or cycling, especially crossing the road, the traffic light is not reliable.
6. Try all the street foods and also the bubble tea! This is the most impressive experience in Taiwan!
7. The weather in Taiwan is nice to travel all around the year. But i think March and April are the best time to go, earthquake and Typhoon are rarely hit during this period.
8. Mandarin and Taiwanese language are used in Taiwan but the people still understand English very well (for young generation).

For more details of  Taiwan:

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