A Perfect Gateway in Rockingham - Point Peron

Point Peron is surrounded by the Shoalwater Island Marine Park. Many well worth short walks bring you to the fantastic ocean views. The beaches are ideal for swimming and snorkeling. This is a good place to enjoy the magnificent sunset. 
Attractions: World War II gun lookout, limestone riffs 

Getting there: 1 hour drive south of Perth via Kwinana Highway 

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Point Peron is an amazing place where you would not want to miss out when you are in Rockingham. You can walk on the shandy beach and explore the reefs and climb on the rocky foreshore for the panoramic views.  The trails here are within 1-2km, unsealed but walkable (easy).  Also, you are likely to spot the dolphins here!

No matter how far we go, there we are.

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The Home To The Colony Of Little Penguins - Penguin Island

A famous day trip to the beautiful nature reserve with the largest colony of penguins in WA. The boardwalks and trails will bring you 360 degree view of the island. The stunning coastal scenery and get up close with those wildlife will definitely amazed you!
Attractions: Wildlife, secluded bays,  limestone reef

Getting there: 45 minutes south of Perth to Rockingham Wild Encounters and take a 5 minutes ferry ride across the Shoalwater Bay.
*you can also walk cross the sandbar in low tide (took about 20 minutes), fun but risky.

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It wasn't disappointed without any sign of wild penguins on the island in day time, usually they don't back on the island after dark. there's still so much to enjoy here such as the white sand beach, crystal clear water, impressive sea caves, birds and sea lions. Penguin feeding is available in the Discovery center, check out from Rockingham Wild Encounters. Picnic with friends and family beside the beautiful beaches with the view of the Shoalwater bay is a good idea!
There's limited facilities on the island, bring your own food and water, wear comfortably and most importantly take all the rubbish with you back to the mainland.

We travel to create memory, find other status, to live a life and to meet awesome people.

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A Great Day Trip in Auckland Region - Rangitoto Island

The youngest volcano in Auckland volcanic field which emerging from the sea 600 years old. It's a favorite day trip destination for nature lover to hike, picnic, swim, see the native flora and fauna. 
Attractions: Rugged lava fields, Summit track, Motutapu Island (neighbor), pohutukawa forest.

Getting there: 25 minutes scenic ferry ride (Fullers Ferries) from downtown Auckland harbour or from Devenport. 

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A very nice one day date with nature. Please prepare that there is no shop, no transport and limited drinking water in the island, do bring enough drinking water, sun block and wear comfortably. The summit track is about 1 hour walk and bring you the gorgeous 360 degree panoramic view of Auckland iconic landmarks. We found many special flora on the way that we never seen before, it's very impressive! No campsite in Rangitoto Island but at Home Bay, Motutapu Island which the neighbour island and you can walk to there if you want to see the sunset and spend a night there. There is also Fullers' Motutapu Island ferries run from Auckland to Home Bay.
Get the map and brochure here:  http://www.doc.govt.nz/rangitoto

Find the way to a true life that we all deserve it. 

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A Warm Salty Breeze Holiday - Rottnest Island

The hot vacation spot in Western Australia especially in the Summer. Diving, cycling and snorkeling are very popular activities to explore the beauty of nature in this Island. To enjoy a relaxing holiday, here it is.
Attractions: Beaches, Wildlife (Quokka and Seals)

Getting There: Take the ferry ride from Fremantle or Perth City. You can check the timetable and book the ticket online from Rottnest Express/Rottnest Fast Ferries

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Rottnest Island is a beautiful nature reserve landscape and it is special with many unique flora and wildlife. It's easy to explore the island by cycling or service vehicle such as shuttle bus or car from hotel service. Get a island guide at the visitor center after your off from the ferry. It has the information about the Island including the map, cycling paths, walking trail routes. a full list of things to do and see in the island.

I just spend a day cycling around in the Island and didn't manage to finish explore the island (only half). If you plan to make it in 1 day, take the shuttle bus and stop by at some attractions and snorkeling spot which are worth to (Parker Point). 2-3 days is suggested to fully experience of Rottnest Island cycling/snorkeling/diving/tracking, so you would not miss out anything! Summer is usually the hot season to visit but the other seasons might be better without the crowd.

Travel brings power and passion back to my life. 
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The Best Event Of The Year - Perth Open House

The Open House Perth is a non profit organization to open the door to many significant and interesting buildings and spaces with helps to promote the city and the local WA design to public, and to globally. This event was such a great chance to know this city better (for Free)!

Here are some of my favorite places.

Bell Tower
This winning architectural design building has become the iconic building in Perth and also in Western Australia. FREE entry during this event to let you experience the spectacle ringing sound from this world's giant musical instrument and get to know the history of the Bell Tower. Besides, visit to the ringing chamber and the observation deck for the view of Perth city are very impressive.

Bell Tower
Bell Ringing Chamber

View from the Open Air Observation Deck
View from the Open Air Observation Deck

108 ST George Terrace
This is an office town in the heart of the city which open to access to the balcony in level 51 with the great view of Swan River. This 52 level tower is also known as an unique landmark defining the Perth Skyline and important role in the city's history.
Great River View from  Level 51

Council House
This is an example of the modernist architecture in the Perth city. The building light up by LED lights at night. There was a guide to show the public to the council meeting room with explanation was the best part to this event.

Meeting Room
View from Council House

Perth Town Hall
A heritage building with a clock in the city of Perth, one of the iconic building in the city with rich history of Perth since 1867. It's now open for events hiring.

P and O Building Rooftop Tour
The building still remain the old style classic lift and mail tunnel. Unfortunately, the mail tunnel is not working anymore. Went to the rooftop without a wide view of the city was a bit disappointed but you can see a few significant buildings around there.

I missed out the Central Park Rooftop Tour, I suppose this tour was the best in this event. I'm falling in love with this city after visiting these beautiful places with the history and story behind.

To find the beauty of a place, history does matter.
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A Peaceful Yet Beautiful Village in Myanmar - Inle Lake

Inle Lake is located in Nyaung Shwe Township. The local people (Intha) have their unique life base entirely on the water. Cycling and walking around the town and the lakeside to have stunning view of the lake and experience the lifestyle in rural village.  
Attractions: Boat Tour, Traditional handicraft, Leg rowing fishermen

Getting there: Base in Nyaung Shwe town as most of the boat trips start at the town. You can also cycling to explore the scenery of the eastern side of the lake.

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The street beside the river get busy very early in the morning. The river is like their life source, it's very important for living. They use it to send goods, transportation and also in tourism.

The boat tour include,
- Floating market
- Floating gardens
- Ywama village
- Various handicraft or cottage industry workshops
- Pagodas
- Indein Village (Special boat tour)

It costs around 8000-10000Kyat if you look for the boatmen at the riverside. They have a fairly set route like the boat tour but it's time flexible to avoid crowd in the high season. 4000-6000Kyat to hire a boat just for the lake view. Book the tour from the hostel/hotel will costs 15000-25000Kyat depending on the packages (route).  *The price mentioned is for a boat, up to 4 person.

You get to see a different lifestyle on the lake, a must see Indein Village will bring you a whole new experience of Myanmar with the local market and spectacular temples. The other main classic handicraft stops are to see silver making, cheroots, lotus weaving, blacksmiths, boat building.

A simple life, where the kind hearts around. The real taste to experience is always the best part in travelling.
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[TRAVEL] How Would You Tell About Malaysia?

While I was traveling, I'd been asked tons of questions always. Besides of those 'official questions' like where are you from/ how long have you been traveling/ what countries have you been to/ Where to go the next... Most of the time, people is curious and will ask about your country if they have never been to.

Here's a list of questions that people always asked about Malaysia. As a Malaysian, let's see if you can answer and what would you say about it, share with us!

1. Where's Malaysia?

2. How big is Malaysia / How much is the population in Malaysia?

3. You're Chinese but you're from Malaysia. I don't understand.

4. No four seasons, really? 

5. How did you learn of different languages? 

6. What are the food in Malaysia?

Of course. there is also many other interesting things to talk about! We always gained so much from people in conversation. Traveling is not just to widen our view but also our mind. People have different opinions on the same thing, this is why we can always learns from others.

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