Movie Screening: Titanic 3D

Thanks to Yuberactive for the special screening for Titanic 3D!


Titanic is about a 100 years old woman named Rose DeWitt Bukater tells the story about her life in 84 years ago, which in April 1912 on a ship called Titanic. Titanic is a ship of dream, unsinkable ship departure on 10 April 1912. The young Rose boards the departing ship with the upper class passengers and she met a drifter and artist with third-class passengers named Jack Dawson. Their first met when Rose want to jump from Titanic and Jack come over to persuade her. Rose could not control her fate and feel hopeless and Jack is the one who bring her back to herself and make her realize that what she actually want her life is. They are different social classes but they fall in love... and they fight for their love and survival. 

As the Titanic going to sink, Rose give up the chance to board on the lifeboat. They never let go of each other till the end. However, Jack died in the cold water and Rose been rescued....  

Titanic is a American epic romance and disaster film directed by James Cameron. Beginning with genuine footage of the departure of the Titanic on its fateful voyage 15th April, 1912 at 2.20 in the morning, this movie tells the events of the tragic night from the story of Jack and Rose. This movie tells the historical of the ship of Titanic and also the story of people from different social classes.  

Remarkable scene 'I'm flying' when Rose decided to fight for her life together with Jack.

This movie is around 3 hours. Although this is not my first time to watch, it won't feel bored at all to watch again after 10+ years. I was excited when i able to the special screening of Titanic 3D. All the scene come across my mind and i can still remember the story of Titanic. It is touching not only the love story of Jack and Rose, but also the fate of all the passengers of Titanic. Some people to scarify themselves to save others but some were selfish and only care of themselves. 
There was a scene that Molly, one of the first class passengers asked to turn back their lifeboat to save others from the sea but all the women in the boat are not willing to turn back even they know one of them was their man.

Titanic is a dream for everyone but also a tragedy.

Official Trailer:

Rating: 2/5

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