Coolest Hotspot in Town

A new waterworld in is now opening at I-city, Shah Alam! Since that I-city become an attraction in Malaysia, this waterworld is an added value. Well, the ticket price for the waterworld is RM40+. Due to the bad weather, it opened 1 hour delay for cleaning. Mud is everywhere, the water is dirty, so as the toilet.... look likes everything is still under construction.


TORNADO- The 1st in Southeast Asia. This is the most attractive point to me to come here to try but too bad, the water is dirty with mud, so i give up.... It looks interesting and exciting~

Due to the delay of the opening, we were all invited to the Trick Art Museum. All are 3D painting, it is very very amazing l! The i-city is actually not very attractive to me, but this is the only worth to visit!

Rating: 1/5

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