All about seafood in Terengannu

People come CUKAI for crab! The Baked Crab is the most popular and famous food and the restaurant is HALAL, so Malay can also enjoy the seafood here!

 Special homemade sauce, it is a bit spicy with a bit sour. It is nice to eat together with the fried oyster and baked crab!
 Chili sauce

Fried oyster is different with what we had in KL, Johor, Penang... The oyster is not very big but fresh enough, the fried egg is very crispy. Taste good with the chili sauce, I like it!
 Fried oyster

The sotong is also fresh, big portion and taste very good but i think is too spicy for me.  
 Fried Chili Sotong

Big prawn!! I not sure isnt the tiger prawn, but it is really big compare with normal prawn! Juicy with a bit spicy, taste very nice (it will be nicer if there is someone peel the skin for me :p)
 Chili Prawn

A normal fried vege, salty, oily and not very spicy. Tasted normal :)
 Fried & Stir Vege

This is the most most most famous dish here! Used of egg white to cover and fried, the crab meat is inside, pure and juicy crab meat~ It is very special dished and i think this is the local food that we cant find in other place. You can eat together with the chili sauce but i feel ok to eat without any sauce coz only i can try the taste of fresh crab meat.
 Baked Crab 

The seafood here all are very fresh, no wonder seafood is a MUST when people visit here! We also tried another shop- Tong Juan which offer similar food with this restaurant. Tong Juan is the most famous restaurant in CUKAI, Let's see!

Rating: 3.5/5

Tong Juan is just beside Malaysia restaurant (actually there is few restaurants with same memu in same row). This restaurant is full of people, almost full house.

The signature baked crab. This looks same with the baked crab that we had before but the ingredients inside is different. This is mix with other meat and some veges. It taste good but hardly can taste the crab meat, so i was disappointed to this 'the most famous' baked crab. What i expected is to taste the pure crab meat, that's y.
   Fried Butter Prawn

  Baked Crab

The steam fish is not tasteless or soy sause taste (most of the steam fish taste like that). The fish is very fresh and the meat is soft. 
 Steam Fish

This like Thai Style sauce, the chicken is crispy and the portion is big. Not bad :)
 Sweet and Sour Chicken

Again, chili sotong~ My favourite! This is fresh also and much mroe spicy.
 Fried Chili Sotong

 Fried & Stir Vege


The food in Tong Juan is bigger portion, overall all the dishes are delicious, heavy taste~

Rating: 3.5/5

There is different style to cook, so it's hard to compare with the Malaysia Restaurant that we had before. Both nice also, the seafood are fresh and big. For the baked crab, i prefer Malaysia Restaurant :)

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