[TRAVEL] A New Adventure Begin- Life in New Zealand

It' been four months since I was in New Zealand. I remembered when I got here, everything was overwhelming to me, the weather, the Kiwi slang, the supermarket, everything that around me.

Usually, Spring (March) and Summer (November) provide more job opportunities, so there's many backpackers choose to come at that time. Well, I'd found the job before I came, there's no surprise why I came in this season.

Los Angeles --> Auckland --> Christchurch --> Rakaia
It was 1st June in the States and the time after I arrived was 3rd June... 17 hours flight make a huge different, the time zone drive me crazy all the time. Just spend 2 days in Christchurch to open the bank account and apply for IRD number, head to Rakaia the next day and prepare to start my work the following day. 
To make the journey easier, I got the phone card with a plan in the airport, so I got to contact people and data for browsing. 

A big big THANK to my friends- Cloris and her boyfriend. I haven't met her ever since we graduated from high school. She helped me a lot to settle down. Also, many awesome friends that I met. Everything goes pretty well with all of them. 

The work in Rayal Van Zanten was a seasonal job. From cleaning the lilybulbs, grading to packing, scaling at the end of the season. I worked in packing line but I'd been transferred to other lines sometimes, and had experience of different kind of works and all were very boring, no doubt. However, I had unforgettable moments with the people here, had fun together. 

From Left- Yong Shen, Casper, Sunny, ME, Sofie, JJ (from packing line)

Picture with Anton who is the 'boss' to take care everything here.


Leaving is always the hardest part. It's an end and also the beginning, it's excited and confused at the same time. Even though I had been through it for many times, it's still not easy. Many people come and go, thank you for being with me, having memorable time together. Love you all. 

Honestly, I felt tired sometimes to a new place to start over again. Kind of lonely before I meet new friends. Everything will be all right, I always tell myself. Take every twisted paths as the adventures, enjoy everything that come into my life, live in the moment. Just try my best to let my life blooming like the flowers in the Spring.

Wish me luck in my new journey in North Island.

I have to say it was pretty awesome to spend my first winter in here!!! 
(**Freezing...... )  

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