[TRAVEL] Useful Tips You Should Know To travel In Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is full of mystery, everything is challenging. Forget about internet, convenience stores, clean restroom, air conditioner... yet good people is everywhere here. There are many things that you have to take notes and be well preparation to enjoy the trip.

1. Pack light
No matter where you're going to, heavy luggage will always make you feel tired, especially in Southeast Asia. Laundry can be found easily.

2. Know their culture and being respectful
Do some research about the countries you're going to visit to, respect others cultures and be polite all the time. Once a Cambodian told me about this, never say 'You're crazy' no matter how angry you are, it means the person is a psychopath. Cite a case,  the Sabah earthquake with the nudists, the earthquake happened was nothing to do with them but they did broke the law. Don't get yourself in trouble because of this.    

3. Learn a few words in local language
English+body language are used widely in Southeast Asia but learn the words like 'Hello' and 'Thank You' to show your respect and being polite to the local. You will get a friendly respond from them always!

4. Go off beaten path
I am not telling you to skip the attraction but just spend some time go off the tourism spots. There is where you can get a true color of the country, you'll never want to miss this kind of experience.

5. Booking ahead is not recommended
Rushing the schedule will ruin your trip sometimes. You can't always arrive to your destination on time due to the road condition here. However, the main reason is because you want to hang out with new friends, attracted by the beautiful view or just want to enjoy the peaceful life there. So, plan could change anytime.

6. Bargain 
When you want to buy something or have a meal, do ask the price first! Bargain is needed almost every time before you pay. Do remember, offer a price that is reasonable. Don't go too low as they are making this for life.

7. Myanmar is a MUST
If you planning to travel to Southeast Asia, Myanmar comes first. The tourism in Myanmar is going slowly than the other countries in Southeast Asia. When then tourism is over developing, everything is commercialized, including the people.
8. Take care of your belonging 
Be aware of the pick pocketing and also the scammer. The people is Southeast Asia are very kind and friendly but this could happened sometime.  

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