The Home To The Colony Of Little Penguins - Penguin Island

A famous day trip to the beautiful nature reserve with the largest colony of penguins in WA. The boardwalks and trails will bring you 360 degree view of the island. The stunning coastal scenery and get up close with those wildlife will definitely amazed you!
Attractions: Wildlife, secluded bays,  limestone reef

Getting there: 45 minutes south of Perth to Rockingham Wild Encounters and take a 5 minutes ferry ride across the Shoalwater Bay.
*you can also walk cross the sandbar in low tide (took about 20 minutes), fun but risky.

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It wasn't disappointed without any sign of wild penguins on the island in day time, usually they don't back on the island after dark. there's still so much to enjoy here such as the white sand beach, crystal clear water, impressive sea caves, birds and sea lions. Penguin feeding is available in the Discovery center, check out from Rockingham Wild Encounters. Picnic with friends and family beside the beautiful beaches with the view of the Shoalwater bay is a good idea!
There's limited facilities on the island, bring your own food and water, wear comfortably and most importantly take all the rubbish with you back to the mainland.

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