10 Days in Cambodia- Planning & Tips

Cambodia (Phnom Penh --> Siem Reap) --> Thailand (Bangkok)

Cambodia is a very relaxing and nice place. Don't worry, it's not dangerous as what people said, very peaceful and the people are friendly!

3/1/13- Reached Phnom Penh International Airport around 8am, visit Phnom Penh (S21, Killing Field, Russian Market, Old market)
4/1/13- Walk around Phnom Penh (museum, central market, night market and other attractions)
5/1/13- 9am van to Siem Reap and reached at around 4pm
6/1/13- Visit Angkor City (Big circle)
7/1/13- Visit Angkor City (Small circle)
8/1/13- Visit Angkor City (Outside the circle)
9/1/13- Free & Easy (walking around the town and visit Angkor National Museum)
10/1/13- Tonle Sap Tour (The largest fresh water lake in Southeast asia)
11/1/13- Pay a visit at 'Self Help Community Center' (Volunteer work)
12/1/13- 9am bus to Bangkok and reached at 6pm (Spent the night time at Kao San Road- Nearby our hostel)
13/1/13- Weekend Market (Chatuchak market)
14/1/13- Free & Easy (hang out with friends)
15/1/13- Shopping at Platinium
16/1/13- Siam Square
17/1/13- Terminal 21 (nearby our hotel) and head to airport at 4pm (avoid traffic jam). 8pm flight to

Tips to visit Cambodia:
1.  Said No to corruption in airport when you arrived (in Thailand also)

2. In Cambodia, US dollar is accepted but do remember if the notes are worn or teared... (as long as it looks not perfect), they wont accept the notes especially for $20, $50, $100, those big amount notes. Don't worry, you can change those 'imperfect' notes with the bank (CIMB is free of charges to change the notes).

3. Bring long pants or pants length which can cover your knees, sleeveless top is also not allowed when visit temple and some other places.

4. Bargain every time when you buy things in market

5. Seek advice from your guesthouse (price of tuktuk, places to visit...), map with you always.

6. Take care of your belonging always

7. The traffic is chaos, watch out when you walk and cross the road, especially when u riding bicycle

8. Prepare all things daily necessities you needed, you can buy at there also but it's hard to find certain brand of product that you might looking for.

9. Avoid tap water and drink bottle water, you need to drink a lots of water because the weather is very hot there (check the weather forecast before you book the flight)

10. Do more research before you go. Tripadvisor, lonely planet are highly recommended!

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