Movie for Chinese New Year in 2013

There is always lots of movie on screening during CNY, all these movies want to bring happy to you, make you laugh. This year, few movie are recommended:

1. I Love Hong Kong 2013
2. Journey to the West
3. Wedding Dairy 2
4. Hotel Deluxe

 I Love HK 2013- This year, the casting is reduced compare with previous I love HK movie series but the storyline is about family reunion, relationship with friends, similar with previous series, funny and warm. 

Rating: 2.5/5

Journey to the West- Stephen Chow 's movie is always the big focus. This time, he didnt play any role, only be the director of the movie, however, this is still 100% Stephen Chow style movie! There is nothing special of the story, the computer graphic is quite nice (if is a animated movie) but all these are not important in Stephen Chow's movie, super funny of the dialogue, the exaggeration acting skill and expression are what the audience want in his movie, make you non-stop laughing! 
Rating: 3/5

Wedding Dairy 2-  This is a very successful local movie, well performance, shooting skill and storyline. Director- Ah Niu is also another a very talented person. Better that you watch Wedding Dairy 1 before u go to chapter 2 because the story is continuous. The story is about how their life and the relationship between 2 family members after having a baby, this is also a movie to educate people, the story is near to reality. This movie is not that funny like other movies but it really make people feel warm, especially the relationship of family. I really like it!
Rating: 4/5

Hotel Deluxe- Typical silly and funny CNY movie! Famous HK comedians likes Ronald Cheng, Sandra Ng and Chapman To are gather to play together in this movie. It is a very entertaining movie with a happy ending.

Rating: 3.5/5

There is some other CNY movies but i got no chance to watch... but 'Once Upon a Time' , another CNY movie, which i had watched before new year... this movie is not recommended. 

Rating: 0.5/5

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