Cambodia Village Tour- Self Help Community Center (SHCC)

This is a school for the kids to study and at the same time they will teach the kids range of skills, knowledge in every area such as arts, sports, organic farming and any other that may be beneficial to the community and school. Cambodian and International volunteers are welcome! It's around 20 mins from the town by tuktuk.
For more details:

Volunteers from different countries, they were given mission to complete to help in SHCC development and the kids.

 This was our mission! Dig a small river to avoid flood, this is not an easy task and it'll take at least 2 months to complete it without any machine but by the volunteers, the kids and teachers over there. The kids are so so great! They can do much more better than us (We never do this kind of work before in our country, so this is super hard for us...)

The kids usually attend the class in the morning and afternoon they can choose to go back home or stay to help or play with others likes having some sport.

This was the beautiful ever sunset that i had never seen before. It was very tired but i was glad to come over this place, visit the kids and do something for them.

This is a very special experience to visit the village and do something that i can do for the kids. The kids are awesome! They grow in the environment which not that good like us but what they know and what they can do is much more than we can imagine. I have to say they are so so good! I love them and i will go back again!  All the city boys and girls, they are our model to learning from!

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