Sharp Plasmacluster Technology Workshop

New intro technology by SHARP to bring u more healthy environment and life.  The plasmacluster technology is powerful to produce both POSITIVE & NEGATIVE ION purify the air.

It helps:
1. Suppresses the effect of airborne viruses
2. Break down and removes the allergens (dust mite...)
3. Break down and removes airborne mold
4. Remove odors

The speaker explained and having some test to show how it works. The odor gone immediately and the air become more clean.

It's not only healthy life, this technology also help in beauty. The ION will turn into H2O(water) and turn back to the air. Therefore, the water will moisture the skin and skin texture will be improve also!
Check out more about the technology:

SHARP had introduce wide range of plasmacluster product from personal care to living products (air purify+ion generator, few types of portable plasmacluster ion generator, hair conditioning dryer, ...)  to help u to build a healthy environment for ur life.

Here's to share my experience of the some plasmacluster products from SHARP :)

Hair Conditioning Dryer

The Hair Conditioning Dryer is the most impressive product to me. I had tried during the workshop, there is immediate effect after using and my hair become softer and smoother! It moisturize your hair and not like normal hair dryer that will dry your hair.

 Portable Ion Generator

The Portable Ion Generator is about pocket size, easy to bring along. This is very user friendly, come with a stand and USB charger also, so i can bring it to office and charge using the USB cable connect to the computer, very convenience and somemore, beauty while working, i really like it ^^

Ion Generator

This make me feel better of my nose sensitive. Also, I used to rise some clothes in the room sometime and odor is always there and i didnt really smell it (i had get used of the smell). I switch on the ion generator while sleeping, till one day i didnt switch on for few days, i smell the different and realize the bad smell.

The SHARP plasmacluster technology really impressive!!! All these are high end products and the price is not cheap also but it worth that price to have a healthy environment.

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