WeChat Lauch in Malaysia- New Way to Connect

WeChat is also known as Weixin (微信) which a very popular mobile communication apps in China. Now, WeChat is officially launch in Malaysia! WeChat had more than 100 million users and getting powerful because it provides multimedia communication likes voice messaging and text messaging with many choices of emotion icon, file sharing, group chat, make the conversation become more fun!

With the tagline -The New Way to Connect, it's very true! WeChat supporting 17 languages which English, Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia, Indonesian, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese, Russian... and available on major mobile platforms likes IOS, Android, Windown, Blackberry, Symbian... It is easy to connect with others from everywhere now!
Some special features likes 'scan QR Code', 'shake' and 'look around' allow you to connect with other and build social network. A big different from other communication apps, everyone has a unique name ID after registered. People can search you with your ID and also phone number but after added, the phone number will not shown on WeChat.   

WeChat interface is clean and simple, user friendly. The emotion icons are so cute and lots of choices! When you received video message from friend, you just need to click the message to listen what your friend sent, simple right? This is so special and convenience when you are doing some stuff with no hand free to text message, just hold the button and talk, when you release the button, the message will sent out automatically!
WeChat interface

WeChat TVC in Malaysia

Thanks for the invitation to WeChat launch party at Nerverland. This event also let all the people have a chance to connect with each other.

Game time! many prizes giving away in this event. Everyone would like to win the grand prize- Ipad! Are you the lucky one?

There is many performance, singing, dancing, DJ music... and also food provided~ Very enjoy the nice performance and food there!   

To download and have more detail information about WeChat, check it out: http://www.wechat.com

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