First Journey in Taiwan- Kaohsiong

Our first stop is KAOHSIUNG (高雄)
We visited University National Sun Yat-sen (中山大学) together with our friend who just from holiday to continue her study here. I very appreciate to have a tour guide in Kaohsiung, thank you so much!!

Taoyuan Airport (桃园机场) --> HSR Taoyuan station (桃园高铁站)--> Zuoying Station (左营) -->University National Sun Yat-sen (中山大学)

 Speed Rail (高铁)

Transport fee from Taoyuan to Zuoying (northern Kaoshiung city): NT$1290 -> RM129, it took 3 hours by train, approximate 6 hours by bus.

The transportation system is very complete. If you have any question, there's an information counter in every station and the people is friendly here! This is the begin of our journey... 

To find out more details to visit Kaohsiung:

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