Typical Taiwanese Food in Kaohsiung

This is one of the famous Taiwanese food- Braised Pork Rice (Lu Rou Fan). Satisfying with minced pork with rice, simple dish with salty sauce but tasted good.
Another dish with the thick sauce which is Xiang Gu Rou Geng. Sticky sauce,  chinese mushroom and pork with the rice. It tasted spicy with a lot of pepper.

'There's always space for dessert' -- quote from ME
Shaved Ice is the best ever dessert in Summer! i bet you'd like to have one when you see the pictures :)

Banana, chocolate, mango, peach shaved ice. Mango is seasonal fruit so the quality might not good all the time, this was very sour. There's pudding with the chocolate shaved ice, best combination :)

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