Relaxing town in Kaohsiung

Start our 2nd day journey to Cijin (旗津)
For more details:

Just relax yourself and enjoy the sunshine, nature and historical architectures!
Very first, we  rent a bicycle as our transportation for today activity. It's only NT$100 (RM10) for whole day! 

Then we took the ferry to cross the river. It only took few minutes.

This temple is the first place we went and this is closer to the port. 

Cihou Tianhou Temple 旗津天后宫

Seacoast biking route but the beach was closed due to the Typhoon destroyed couple weeks ago. We were not able to go over there.  My friend told me the most of the beaches in Taiwan, the sand is black colour, interesting :) 

Cihou Tunnel Walkway

Windmill Park

Views in Cijin

It was very enjoyable trip to Cijin and the most precious moment is the time together with friends! Cijin is a nice place to go for relaxing and sightseeing, i bet the beach must be very beautiful before the typhoon :)

Overall Experinece: 4.5/5

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