Yummy Yummy Taiwanese Hotpot- Peppery Artisan

It was dinner time when we reached! Here we had Taiwanese Spicy Hotpot =)
 辣匠  Peppery Artisan: http://www.lajiang.com.tw/shop.htm
Variety of choice of soup, the most famous is Hot and spicy which divide into different levels of spicy. For those who favorite in spicy, you must try the SUPER hot and spicy!There are also medicinal herb, manchurian soup... Mix the sauce urself!

We got different type of soups. You can choose the spicy level if you order the spicy soupbase. 1 to 4 from mild to super spicy. I tried the 3 (very spicy) and i think Malaysia food is hotter than this, i might able to handle the super spicy :)  The other was herbal soup.
My sauce is mix by sesame oil, soy sauce, green onion, chili sauce. You can make the sauce by your personal preferences.

Rating: 3.5/5

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