[LIFESTYLE] A Special Year that Mean to Me- The only Year 2013

This year definitely is the year that i'll remember in my whole life.

I was once confused should I keep going for what I want, what i think is meaningful to me, to my life.
Another words,  it seems like my life goes wrong if i go by my way. This is a big NO to many people. Well, i had a special experience and got a new perspective of life in this year. That was really good because i found the goals for my life. I am not so sure how it be turn out but it is definitely an adventure, truly experience of  life but with not regret.

Many things in our life, they ain't stay a long time, but they are the best.
This year is going to end soon but I know this is not an end but a beginning to me. I hope the the coming year will full of surprises too!

I'd like to give a big thank, i was so thankful for everything, i'm the lucky one =)

I decide my future, this is my way.

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