[TRAVEL] The Best Ever Gift in Year 2013- Family and Friends

I never expect i'll meet so many people in my journey. They were my best friends for short time and I hate to say Goodbye because i might never see them again. This is the hardest part about traveling.

First, introduce my Keystone family members :)

Tim and Sherry
My American parents who are from Indiana, US. They took really good care of all their children from different countries. I felt loved when i with them. They are such lovely and caring parents. They did everything good for us and most importantly, they tried they best to make sure we were comfortable in a new environment.

We got a group of American friends who came to the same place with us for internship. I got no one here except them when i first came. So, this is a BIG family, you can see from the picture! We are from Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Ukraine, Moldova, UK and USA.

My Malaysian Homies (From left to right)
Elvira is a very cute and nice girl, we become very close friend very soon after we first met.  We both like to try new things! I remembered our first time of rock climbing at the mid night, we talk a lot, share everything of our life, we feel comfortable to speak out of everything, no hiding, that's why we get close very soon :)

Ee-ling is a smart girl. I got an idea every time i talked to her. I like to talk to her especially when i need some advice, she is always the best person! She is quiet sometime but we had fun together! I hope she can go for the life she want in one day :)

Exyne is a cheerful girl and I like being together with her! There's no 'WORRY'  when she was there. I like her personality and we got same interest, same perspective of many things :) We meet up when we back to Malaysia and i will definitely want to meet you again!
 Elvira | Ee-Ling | Exyne

Lacey (left) is the first girl i met there, my first roomie. She taught me to cook, her adventure in Keystone was never end,  She got crazy mind and always brought a whole new things and experience to us!
Kayli (right) has a big heart! She love everyone and help whatever she can. Three of us had many sweet nights and girl talks ^_^

Hannah | ME | Lacey | Kayli

She did an awesome job!

My roomie Hannah

The Greene family, the big family from Indiana. I met 7 out of 9 of the Greene kids! They are funny and awesome!

WE LIKE PICTURES! we took pictures any time any where! There's always a story behind every picture, i like to keep these memory forever :)

Vica and Mariana, girls from Moldova. We enjoyed and had a lot of fun working together! They doubt if I'm Chinese, not because of my tan skin, just they think i  am not look like >.<  It was so funny every time when they asked me about this! Vica is the girl who really meant to me, i'll visit her one day i promise :)

Vova and Vlad, boys from Ukraine. They were so funny and brought a lot of fun to us everyday! There is no STRESS when they were there :) 

In the airport to send my girl off T_T

The day we leave.... The last group picture. I came the earliest and i was the last person to leave than other students. I pick them up and send them off, tears drop on my face every time in the airport.

 I met many people while i was traveling. Danny (the guy in the middle) is a very good friend to me. He been traveled in Southeast Asia and stayed in Malaysia for few months, he shared with me of his life in Malaysia :) He brought me to every awesome places in San Diego and i had truly experienced the life there.

Even though we are in different places, far away from each other, that's not a problem to connect to each other, we got 'Whatapps, WeChat, LINE, Kakao Talk, Snapchat, Instragram, Facebook, Twitter, Hangout, email...' thanks to the technology!

Life goes on, everyone keep moving... We might not able to meet again but you guys are always in my heart, it goes forever. Miss and love you guys! Friendship is the best ever gift in life :)

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