A Very Special Cookies Making Moment with My BFF

I got many precious moments and fun time with my friends while i stay in US and I'd learned and tried many things. Making cookies is one of my favorite activity and this is one of the memorable moment i with Kayli. ! The cookie mix can be found in supermarket, easy to get it and cheap ( around $2). 

It's very easy to make, likes the chocolate chip cookie mix we bought, there's chocolate chip in the package too. We just need 2 eggs and butter to mix with the cookie mix, that's it :p 

Let's start! First, mix the butter, eggs and the cookie mix together. Mix and stir it until.....

...Until the mixture looks like the pictures shown below. Now, it's ready to bake!

Well, this is the hardest part in making cookies. Our first batch cookies didn't go well...  because we totally forgot there's yeast in the cookie mix, we make it too big, so all the cookies stick together. We make it a little bit smaller in the next batch and it turned out the same things.   

After few try, finally we got the perfect size cookies! It's delicious, indeed!

What make making cookies so fun? We make it in different shapes, my name and her name... This is fun, isn't it?

How is it? It's not the perfect one but i love it!  

I really enjoyed this kind of experience with friends together! Btw, we'd some other special moment together, what i was very impressed is how she make the oreo pie crust for the peanut butter pie, let's see!

Those cake mix and cookie mix are easily to get and very cheap in US. That's why i become a PRO in making cake when i was there, haha! Honestly, i never make a single cake or cookie before and I realized i like it but only if with the mix and few simple steps :p

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