[KITCHEN] Making An Awesome Sandwich- Shooter Sandwich

We found this sandwich from reddit and it seems like interesting and tasty, so we decided to give a try! 

Shooter sandwich is originally made for Englishmen that hearty and could be easily serve as a meal when they out for a hunt. The basic idea of the sandwich is to cram a loaf of bread with meat, cheese, vegetables, then smashed for few hours under a heavy weight. That's why it also known as 'smashed sandwich'.

The recipe can be adjusted to your own favourite and desired. We added the amount of meats and cheese as we wanted. Here's the ingredients for our sandwich:
1 loaf of bread
Ham slices
Turkey breast slices          
Salami slices
Swiss cheese
Muenster cheese
Basil leaves
Mayo and mustard
Pepper and salt
Garlic and onion
A splash of lemon juice

1. Cut the top of the bread, lift and remove the crumb, leave only the crust. Then, spreading the mayo and mustard.

2. Add layers of meat and cheese. We added only 1/2 cup of the basil leaves as they have stronger taste.

3. Heat the pan and cook the mushrooms with garlic and onion for around 10 minutes until the mushrooms turn brown and soft. 

4. Add more meat and cheese until the bread is ready to burst. 

5. Cover with the top of the bread.

6. Wrap with layers of baking paper and foil. We wrapped few layers of foil and wrapped nicely because it seems risky to keep under the heavy weight. 

7. We think this was the best way to smash it and this is crazy, I know! Let it sit for few hours (4-6 hours) or overnight. Make sure the room temperature is not hot that to destroy the sandwich. 

The sandwich is ready! It took long time to serve but it was pretty good and tasty, yummy yummy! 

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