[TRAVEL] Inspiring Journey You Should Have At Least Once In Your Life

I found this documentary is inspiring : A MAP FOR SATURDAY. Why people give up a high pay job to start a backpack journey? Why they leave their super comfortable home to a crowded hostel? This is not about material but an experience.  

1. Meet Great People
This is the reason I enjoy the most in my journey! We are always stick to our  group if we travelling with friends, it can be fun and we might also meet new people. However, while you are on your own, meet up with the other travellers and do some activities together, the interaction is deeper. People can leave and join any time. You might only with some people for few days, a day or maybe just few hours but they are your best friends for short time. Great people with great stories and adventures definitely can be more interesting and rewarding.

2. Freedom
You can always change your plan by following your own rhythm. Leave the rush life behind. You will probably change your plan to camping, a road trip, a crazy cliff jumping... when you meet up with the other travellers. What is good here is you are doing something that you want and together with a group of people with the same interests with you.

3. Challenges Yourself
We always hear from people about their dream but how many of them really try to realize it?
People are terrified of the unknown. Fear and insecurities come when you leaving your comfort zone. You will never know if you never try. What we do now determine our future. Spending some time with yourself and be who you want to be but whom you are neglected in your routine day. You will find yourself  incredibly wonderful of how you respond to the unexpected and surprises on the road.

4. Fall In Love
Travelling is not the matter of what you see, is what you feel. Feel the whole journey, the beauty of the nature with your heart and you will fall in love with this amazing world, amazing people and amazing stories.

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