Petting Zoo in Sydney- Featherdale Wildlife Park

I would never want to miss the chance to meet with Koala and Kangaroo! There's few places to go, Featherdale is the one I recommend rather than Taronga Zoo. This is a petting zoo and you can get closer with the Koala and Kangaroo.

I got the student price with my student ID in Malaysia. (Remember to bring along your student ID, you can get discount in restaurants and attractions entry. 

Oh yeah, get the feeding and talk time schedule before you enter. It's a good time for you to learn more about these creatures. 

Koala sleep for 18 hours a day. I got the right timing there as it was about the time for them to wake up. They are cute, aren't they?

Here, you can get the Kangaroo food, cone with grass to feed them for just a dollar. It was fun to interact with them :)

Besides Kangaroos and Koala, there's many other animals here, too. 

It took a day to visit here, including the time travel back to the city. It's worth to go, I got a lot of fun there.

Getting to Featherdale by public transport is easy from Sydney city.
- Take the North Shore and Western line to Blacktown Station. 
- Take the number 725 bus  at bus stand 9 for a 10 minute ride which will drop you right outside Featherdale’s gates. (Bus stand 9 is located just outside the station.)

Smile, Koala :)

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