[TRAVEL] Being Alone Doesn't Mean Being Lonely

Have been reading some articles about travelling alone recently, then I come to a conclusion- "Being Alone Doesn't Mean Being Lonely".  We always spend our time on something is not worth to, just to keep ourselves away from loneliness. In fact, spending more time with ourselves can be rewarding and beneficial, too.

1. A Simple life 
Life is not a race, everyone deserves to enjoy every little things in their life. However, most of the people are too busy with chasing something in their life. Slowing down your life and get away from distractions, you will find that a simple life is enough to make you happy. We have so many things to do but end up we ain't no rest, no time to a real life, the life that we really want to have. There is no point of constantly going after achievements if you lose sight of who you are.

2. A Better You
When you spend time with yourself, you will become a thinker to think of everything, from the world issue to yourself. This is the time for you to see/think/judge things from your perspective, is the way to be honest to yourself because there is no one else, is your time, so what to hide? You will have a clearer mind to focus on yourself and understand yourself better.

3. A Unique You
We try not to be alone but in reality we spend most of our life by just ourselves, that means you are alone most of the time in your life. Accept it and be positive! Sometimes, people are trying to change themselves for social reason. We are individuals, everyone is amazing with unique and different personality. Being true to yourself is always the best way to go. So, what's wrong to being alone sometimes?

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