[2013] Working Holiday in New Zealand, What Do You Say? (For Malaysian)

Living in New Zealand, working and travelling... Honestly, I found this isn't easy, my work (tomatoes picking) is pretty tired... but still I really enjoy it, it's fun after all!!! I'm glad I made it and the days in New Zealand will never be forgotten in my life. What I love about this is because it allows me to work and travel at the same time. That's mean, you got to stay in another country to experience their lifestyle and travel without breaking bank.

Here's some information that I would want to share about visa application. If you were interested and qualified, get yourself prepared!

1. To be eligible
   - be 18-30 years old
   - Holding a Malaysian passport (more than 6 months on the date you depart)
   - Money $$ for living and travelling

2. Apply for visa
There's quota about 1150, around that. New quota open every January (check from the website to confirm the date and time when close).
Go to the New Zealand Immigration website, register for the online services and fill up the application form (when places available). You'll need a credit card to pay the application fee (about NZ$165).

You'll receive an email to confirm your application and another email after 2-5 days if your application is successful.

3. Research
You can depart within a year after your visa is approved. Plan your trip and book the flight ticket.
This is the most important and hardest part. You might not want to waste the time and spend lot of money when you get there and do nothing. Make your journey easier with more contacts!

Here's some useful website to help you for planning, including job searching, accommodation, travel information...
      http://www.backpackers.com.tw/forum/ (in Chinese)

The visa for Malaysian is last for 6 moths start from the date when you arrive and you can extend it, see more about VISA EXTENSION.

Look into the details from the official website (New Zealand Immigration). I believe you wouldn't want to miss out any single thing will fail your application. Anyway, I could help maybe if you need some advices, drop me message anytime :)

I love to travel, travel like a local.

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