New Zealand Working Holiday Visa Extension For Malaysian

Working Holiday Visa Extension
The visa for Malaysian is last for 6 moths start from the date when you arrive and you can extend for another 3 months. You'll granted the same conditions of your visa for these 3 months. First, you got to fulfil the certain requirements to extend the visa:

1. Involve in agriculture work for at least 3 month s (prove it with 12 payslips/tax paying-IRD record)
2. Sufficient fund (NZ$2250) /return ticket
3. Application form - INZ 1153

More Details:

Some people are intended to stay longer after the visa expired, let's see this is what you can do.
Travel Visa Extension
You can also get the travel visa for another 3 months after the working holiday visa expired.
Basic requirements:

1. Medical or X-ray for good health
2. Purpose for staying
3. Sufficient fund/return ticket

More Details:

You can't work with this visa but here's another option to have a budget trip- work exchange for food and accommodation. Well, now you can stay up to a year to enjoy the 4 seasons to see the beautiful New Zealand :)

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