The Stunning Clifftop Walk in Golden Bay - Cape Farewell & Wharariki Beach

The Northern Most in South Island where you can have an awesome track along the cliff to meet the Tasman Sea. Best to visit when low tide which allow you to walk under the arch of the rocks, walk full length of the beach when the water is out.
Attractions: Cape Farewell Arch, Split Farewell, Wharaiki Beach, 

Getting there: About 53km North of Takaka, follow the route 60 (1 hour 10 minutes).
*The view at Takaka Hill is beautiful but stay focus driving on the zigzag path!

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Spend a day in Golden Bay and go tracking for the gorgeous panoramic view. I had just limited time for a short walking track start at a car park at Wharaiki Road through a farmland to the Cape Farewell (1 1/2 hour return). This walk brings you to the lookout over the Cape farewell. Watch out of the steep cliff and the strong wind.

Wharariki Beach is known as Archway Island with big rocks and big cove. However you can only have this view at low tide. Catch the sunset at Wharariki Beach, just 40 minutes return walk through a farmland, coastal forest and the sand dunes to the beach. Seals are always having a sun bath on the rock!

More details for the tracks, please visit:

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