[TRAVEL] What Kind Of Life With $22 A Day In Southeast Asia?

Southeast Asia is a trip that more on to experience. The expenses there is pretty low compare with travelling to other countries. With only $22, you can have more than average acceptable life in Southeast Asia. Let's see how we make it!  

Budget for a day (USD): 
Accommodation - $5
Transportation   - $5
Food & Drink      - $10
Others                - $2
 Total                   $22

Search for the best deal! Normally, a bed in a dorm is around $4-6 but we always got the standard double with breakfast for just $10, which $5/person ($7-$12 for a room). We used Hotel Combined to compare the price and search for the best deal. This website is very useful and user friendly.  

Motorbike is the best way and cheapest way to explore Southeast Asia. Usually, not more than $10 for renting a motorbike + gas for a day ($5/person). Bicycle is another option that cost less.
By the way, public transports like bus, mini van will save you more. Sometimes, you don't even have to spend a dime on transportation if your destination is within walking distance. Backpackers used to walk a lot, as we do.
Food & Drink
You can have a $5 meal in a restaurant with air conditioner or to get the same food with only $2.50 (drink is included) in the local market. Honestly speaking, you can hardly find $1 meal everywhere now. Also, spend $1-$2 for the drinking water, you really need this. 
You need to pay for entrance fee to some places. Otherwise, we still have $2 for souvenir or we can sometimes dine in a restaurant with dessert and beer!

You spend less on transportation in Thailand, the accommodation in Vietnam is the cheapest, the Angkor Wat pass $40 for 3 days etc. Myanmar costs more on accommodation, passes and also transportation. This is just a roughly budget (average) for a day in Southeast Asia, more of less for a day. Besides the daily expenses, there's also additional cost such as long distance bus/train, flight, visa fee and the pass fee. For us, with $22 which is more than enough to have an enjoyable journey with good food and comfortable stay!

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