[TRAVEL] How Would You Tell About Malaysia?

While I was traveling, I'd been asked tons of questions always. Besides of those 'official questions' like where are you from/ how long have you been traveling/ what countries have you been to/ Where to go the next... Most of the time, people is curious and will ask about your country if they have never been to.

Here's a list of questions that people always asked about Malaysia. As a Malaysian, let's see if you can answer and what would you say about it, share with us!

1. Where's Malaysia?

2. How big is Malaysia / How much is the population in Malaysia?

3. You're Chinese but you're from Malaysia. I don't understand.

4. No four seasons, really? 

5. How did you learn of different languages? 

6. What are the food in Malaysia?

Of course. there is also many other interesting things to talk about! We always gained so much from people in conversation. Traveling is not just to widen our view but also our mind. People have different opinions on the same thing, this is why we can always learns from others.

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