A Peaceful Yet Beautiful Village in Myanmar - Inle Lake

Inle Lake is located in Nyaung Shwe Township. The local people (Intha) have their unique life base entirely on the water. Cycling and walking around the town and the lakeside to have stunning view of the lake and experience the lifestyle in rural village.  
Attractions: Boat Tour, Traditional handicraft, Leg rowing fishermen

Getting there: Base in Nyaung Shwe town as most of the boat trips start at the town. You can also cycling to explore the scenery of the eastern side of the lake.

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The street beside the river get busy very early in the morning. The river is like their life source, it's very important for living. They use it to send goods, transportation and also in tourism.

The boat tour include,
- Floating market
- Floating gardens
- Ywama village
- Various handicraft or cottage industry workshops
- Pagodas
- Indein Village (Special boat tour)

It costs around 8000-10000Kyat if you look for the boatmen at the riverside. They have a fairly set route like the boat tour but it's time flexible to avoid crowd in the high season. 4000-6000Kyat to hire a boat just for the lake view. Book the tour from the hostel/hotel will costs 15000-25000Kyat depending on the packages (route).  *The price mentioned is for a boat, up to 4 person.

You get to see a different lifestyle on the lake, a must see Indein Village will bring you a whole new experience of Myanmar with the local market and spectacular temples. The other main classic handicraft stops are to see silver making, cheroots, lotus weaving, blacksmiths, boat building.

A simple life, where the kind hearts around. The real taste to experience is always the best part in travelling.

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