Om Nom Nom in Phnom Penh

Khemer Restaurant
Located at riverside. Here serve quite lots of choices of food include local, Chinese, Thai and western food.

Cambodia Fried Rice- It is similar with Chinese fried rice. Typical fried rice taste, nothing special. The price is around USD4.

Fried Beef Kuey Teow-The beef is very fresh and soft, i like it! The Kuey Teow is cooked with lots of vege and beef. It's oily and taste a bit salty but delicious and special which we cant find in Malaysia. Price is around USD 4.

Blue Pumpkin
This is a very famous dessert/bakery shop in Cambodia. It's very nice to have it when you want to take a rest after walking here and there. The environment is very comfortable, there is normal seat and also sofa seat. We stop here to have some refreshment, recharge to continue our journey :)

Home made ice-cream, many choices and the ice-cream is very smooth and tasty!

Sugar Cane
Mobile stall, can found along the street. Actually it tasted sour and sweet which sugar cane with lemon, cooling drink.

Grill Meat (pork & beef)
A small stall found in local market, drink (chinese tea) and side dish are come together and free of charge. Very cheap and delicious. The meat is likes satay but different taste, taste like BBQ.

Side Dish

Orussey Restaurant
Here's famous of the bun but... we found the beef noodles here is the best! The bun not that nice, the fillings is dry. 

Chinese Noodle with beef ball- Very big portion and delicious! The beef is juicy and soft. From the menu, it's beef ball noodles but come along with the meat also. Kuey teow is stated in the menu but it's slim and round, likes noodles, not that kind of kuey teow that we have in Malaysia. It's only USD2.5, cheap and yummy~ 

Side Dish 

Chili Sauce (Sweet and spicy)

Street Food
Evening time, there's many food stall along the street. Street food is always the best! 

Meetball and Chicken Wing

Fried Frog (田鸡)

Steam Egg

Different kind of sauce (chili) and the chili with garlic is very nice to eat together. The egg looks nice but tasteless, others are very delicious, deep fried, crispy and tasty! It served once ready cooked. Eat while hot, yummy yummy~

Rating: 4/5

Walking along the street, you can found this, something likes lala, kind of seashell. I think it's raw and i not dare to try, anyone tried? Share with me how it taste!

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