Back to Red Khemers Time

Cambodia had been through a very bad time during the rising of Khmer Rouge (Red Khmers). We can now back to the history by visiting these 2 places in Phnom Penh. 

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum
There are some historical attraction to visit. However, tragedy always come before peace. This place is known as Security Prison 21 (S21). This is before a school and become a prison under the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. Those people arrested had sent to here. They were repeatedly tortured and coerced into naming family members and close associates, who were in turn arrested, tortured and killed.

 The buildings were enclosed in electrified barbed wire, the classrooms converted into tiny prison and torture chambers, and all windows were covered with iron bars and barbed wire to prevent escapes.
Estimate of 20000 people are in prison and maybe more than... all but 3 are survive.

Choeung Ek
Choeung Ek  which known as Killing Field are a place where large numbers of people were killed and buried by the Khemer Rouge regime. There is 20,002 mass grave and at least 1,386,734 victims was killed at here. They send the people from S21 to here for execution.

A stupa filled with the skills of the victims at the Killing Field. There is audio guide to tell u the story behind and the story of the survivor.

These 2 places is highly recommend to visit if u want to know more about Cambodia. Even though Killing Field is a grave site but i can feel not only sadness and also peaceful. After visit these 2 places in the first day when i in Cambodia, I can really feel the same with the local people therefore i can truly experience the trip in Cambodia.

Overall Experience: 4.5/5

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