The Friendliest ever Town in USA- Keystone, South Dakota (Part 2)

This town is all about Presidents of United States. You get to know better of the life story of every presidents in this museum. You got the chance to take picture with the wax status of the great people in US.
Check out: President wax museum 

There's a convenience store at the petrol station, just beside the Peggy's place. Definitely the price is higher than the big store in the city. I love to get the hot chocolate here at the chilly night, feel warm with the warm greeting of the staffs there always.  
Oh yeah, can you see the highest peak in this picture? We love to hike there :)

The view is so great, you can see the whole town from here and even the Mt Rushmore! I enjoyed staying up there and chit chat with friends. It was not hard to hike (with a little bit of rock climb), it takes around 15-45 minutes depend on which route you take. 

The big cross (by project team) is our guide to lead us the way to reach here. 

Woodcarving, you'd like to take a look of this :)

Borglum Museum is just at the corner after the woodcarving. Borglum is the great sculptor and Mt Rushmore is one of his efforts. Stay in Travelodge/Super8 and Rushmore View Inn and you can get discount of admissions fee to this museum (50% off for year 2013). 


Here's the pretty and characterized Keystone Street view.

Cowboy show

My favourite ice-cream @ Jane's Pizza on the street. Many flavors to choose from, i'd the best ice cream in my life here! For a small cup is only $1.50 and we got discount with only $1.25, I love Jane's ice cream SO... MUCH <3 Besides people, this is the thing that i miss tons! 

There's always something special found in this town :)

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